Happy Homes

Comments and Pictures from our Kittens new families:

Ziggy and Chilli: Thriving and happy in their new home:

Ziggy and Chilli, Chillin’

Ziggy and Chilli, chillin’ under the bed!



Meredith on Spider and Mouse:

It’s only spider and mouse but I wanted to say thank you the boys are amazing and we love them ... such good natured and nothing from small kids, dogs or vaccum cleansers seem to bother them

Spider and Mouse

It’s only spider and mouse but I wanted to say thank you the boys are amazing and we love them … such good natured and nothing from small kids, dogs or vaccum cleaners seem to bother them

A review from Oona O’Hare:

Hello Karen, 

I thought other prospective cat owners might like to hear about the experience of a previous kitten adopter!

I approached Karen and her family when I was looking for two British Shorthair kittens. Karen was recommended to me by a colleague who has a kitten from a previous Sozo litter. Although I was keen to get my kittens as soon as possible, I got a very good feeling from speaking to Karen so decided to wait until she had her next litter. Other breeders I had approached had kittens available sooner, but I liked that Karen was friendly and personable rather than being overly business like. I’m so glad I chose Karen! I was in regular contact with her regarding the kittens even before they were born! I visited her home on a number of occasions, again even before my kittens were born, and I was always welcomed. I almost always had a friend or relative with me and they were always welcome too. I was able to meet all of her adult cats and see how friendly and confident they were. It reassured me that their kittens would be equally friendly and confident. Karen clearly understood that taking on two kittens is a big commitment so prospective owners do need support! Karen responded to all of my questions, and never made me feel silly for asking things which were probably quite obvious!

Once the kittens were born I got regular videos and pictures. It was wonderful to see them grow each week!

When the time to pick up my kittens got nearer, Karen was a great help in getting everything I needed for them.

When I picked Giles and Beatrix up, the packs we received were very comprehensive. I got some of their regular food to take with me so they had something familiar to eat when we got home. I’d brought a blanket and soft toy on a previous visit so they would have a familiar smell with them when they got home. It was all ready to go when I arrived. They were a bit talkative on the journey home – particularly Giles – but nothing I wasn’t expecting. As soon as I got them in, I put them in their room and opened the carrier. They hopped out without much hesitation and went on a sniffing tour. Then they ate, purred and had cuddles and went for a snooze. It was so smooth!

Its hard to imagine my life without Beatrix and Giles now and its only been two weeks! Giles is patiently curled up beside me right now and Beatrix is determined to walk across the keyboard! I’m really glad I decided to get two. They settled so much quicker than I expected probably because they had each other. I’m hoping for all the upcoming stresses like trips to the vets and holidays will be manageable because they have each other. They’re never far from each other so seem to have a really good relationship.

I was worried they wouldn’t bond with me as quickly because they had each other but as I’m out most of the day and I wanted indoor cats as I live on a main road I thought it would be better for them. Thankfully we’ve all bonded really well and we’re a little trio now. They always play in whatever room I’m in and then curl up on my lap in the evenings before their mad hour begins! The only thing to prepare for when having two kittens is that they do wind each other up. All kittens have a witching hour in the evening when they get a bit hyper – but even if one tires, the other will pounce on them and off they go again! But we’ve got a really good night time routine. I take them to their room for their evening meal and turn the lights off and close the door. I sit with them to watch TV for a bit and they eat and then go right to sleep. 

They’re really quiet at night, so I think Karen got them into a good routine when they were young. They’ve taken to everything really well – the scratching posts I got them, their litter tray. The litter tray I have is quite different from the one they had at Karen’s but they have been amazing at using it. Not had a single toileting incident! They haven’t been bothered at all by my hair dryer or even the hoover. Giles loves following me around whilst I hoover and watching. He’s fascinated by it! They are a joy to watch together. And if I need to do uni work, I don’t feel so bad as they have each other. But they’ve done wonders for my stress levels! I have frequent play breaks now and suddenly my looming deadlines don’t seem so scary!

They’re such beautiful kittens and have been a big hit with my friends and family – even the ones who were a bit wary of cats! My partner isn’t a cat person at all, but the second he sat down Beatrix plonked herself on his lap and looked up at him and there they stayed for about three hours. It was love at first sight! 

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier with how this whole process has worked. Karen and her family have been amazingly supportive and friendly – I couldn’t have asked for a better breeder. I highly recommend anyone looking for a kitten to get a sozo kitten! Thanks again Karen and co! 

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Giles and BeatrixGiles and Beatrix

Gill on Chilli and Ziggy:

They are more georgeous, lovely and friendly than we could ever have imagined.
They have become more relaxed as the week has progressed and we love them so much.
They both have some very individual traits:
Ziggy is athletic, nosey, meows to find us and likes to be in the same room as us, eats less and is a bit more nervous than Chilli. I love her and feel she needs a bit more protection. She loves a cuddle on my shoulder and purrs so loudly.
Chilli is very chilled, hungrier, can’t jump onto the worktops as they aren’t too high for her, loves her tummy to be tickled and sleeps stretched out anywhere she fancies. I love her, she is more confident and will go off on her own a bit more.
They tend to be in the same room as each other and gravitate to people. They like to help with everything!!!!
Thanks so much for breeding such exceptional and beautiful kittens and for letting us buy them from you for pets.

Ziggy and Chilli

Ziggy and Chilli