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The Amazing Art Work of Christal Tillett


Checkout the work of a young upcoming Graphic Artist HERE. All her work is copyrighted so please respect that and if you like it make a purchase. A few examples of her work to whet your appetite are here:

Watermelon SugarWatermelon Sugar

Silver Tabby Series (2)Silver Tabby Series (2)
Pink Sky Moon RisePink Sky Moon Rise

allenart 910 by 200

If you have a favourite image of your cat or other pet, why not have it transformed into a work of art that you can put on display in pride of place for all your friends and family to admire. In amongst all his messing about with photographs Glen loves to undertake these transformations and would be more than willing to give you an estimate.

Check out AllenArt for more information.


The website of Sarah Cope a fellow Silver Tabby Breeder.

The Tabby Cat ClubClick for more information

The website of the Tabby Cat Club – Karen is a committee member of this club that caters exclusively for Tabby Cats of all varieties. The club show is usually held in the Autumn but click the image above for more details and information and on how to join the club if you are a Tabby Cat owner or fan!

GCCF Online

The Governing Council for Cat Fancy (GCCF) in the UK